A simple and clear fee structure

How is our fee structure helping founders? 

With our simple daily pricing, we ensure founders are never subject to high-interest rates that normally come with traditional debt products.

With Bloom, you only pay for what you use. Compared to similar products on the market, you keep on average ~30% more money to grow your business with funding from Bloom.

Our fees typically start at 4%, which (depending on the approved amount) can cost as little as £10 a day. We don’t charge any interest, application fees, arrangement fees, or early exit fees. We make sure you know all these details before you make a decision.

No application fees

We don't ask for any application fee. It's free to connect your accounts and apply for funding.  

What is the APR?

A traditional loan has an APR - a fixed repayment period and a fixed monthly repayment amount.   

What happens if I need longer to repay than expected?

Since we offer financing tailored for your business, this doesn’t happen often.  Still, sometimes things don't go to plan. Don’t worry – if you do need longer to repay, the good news is that we don't charge late fees or penalties. 

One of our account managers will support you and work with you to create a plan to get back on track – you simply continue to pay as usual until you repay in full.